Sunday, May 27, 2007

Been on the Down Low

Not many people have heard from me for the last 4 months (and haven't blogged for longer). Was busy getting my ass kicked by neuro. School has been pretty intense and has definitely kicked up a notch w/ that whole single test at the end of this year that determines if I pass the first two years or not. Definitely not a glamorous life. Wake up go to class or hospital, eat, gym, study, eat, study, sleep, repeat until weekend or crisis.

On weekends I have started working Saturday nights as medical assistance at a big dance club. Which is pretty interesting, nothing major so far, cuts, blisters, drunk, too many drugs, etc. Just like a night in the ED w/out the geriatrics. Pretty much clean things up and then tell them to go to hospital or not. Have had to call ambulance for possible hypoglycemic (faker female looking for attention) episode and an OD on GHB (sedative drug, used to be used for date rape, real popular for voluntarily taking by the gay crowd. Besides that haven't really been doing much else. The US in Iraq and good old GWB is killing my exchange rate so my tuition has basically gone up. That's why working seemed like a good idea and the pay is good and I work 9 hours on Saturday night 9pm till 6:30am most weeks.

We have a break coming up at the beginning of July and I am looking forward to, you know it, studying.


Anonymous Rob said...

You can do it! Two more years will go by like nothing...



9:04 PM  

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